ADO.NET provider Release
Jaybird 3.0.3 and 2.2.14 released
Merry Christmas to all Firebird users and developers! Our best wishes of success for you on this New Year 2018!
Windows 10 is well known for encouraging a love/hate relationship with its users. From the beginning, Microsoft implemented a policy of uninstalling users' software without their consent during installation or update of Windows 10. ...
Firebird 3.0.3 sub-release is available
Firebird Project is happy to announce general availability of Firebird 2.5.8 - the latest minor release in the Firebird 2.5 series.
Carlos Cantu has published the new big update to Firebird 3 Migration Guide.
We are glad to announce the new Firebird Forum for German speaking developers:
Read the new white paper "Authentication in Firebird" from IBPhoenix
"Firebird Referenz Dokumentation" (in German), the translation made by Martin Köditz and Mark Harris, is released.
Jaybird 3.0.4 released
Read the new white paper by Helen Borrie, Embedded Engine in Firebird 3.
The format of the connection string for connecting to a database plays an essential role in determining the protocol of the connection request. Firebird 3 introduced a new way to express these strings: URL-style.
Firebird has been selected as Project of the Month for May on SourceForge.
ADO.NET provider Release
ADO.NET provider Release
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