New in the "December 2013" Interim Release, Version 6.2.59 (Build .1421)

(Status: December 16, 2013)

  • 65452: VS crash in MessageBarAdornmentManager.CreateVisuals
  • 65422: Android: changes to XML files are not detected as dirty during incremental build
  • 65413: Regression: Problems with generic resolution in Train project
  • 65365: Cirrus: have a way to mark platfroms supported by an aspect
  • 65359: Overload call regression in .1415
  • 65326: It is not possible to create a new Windows Phone project
  • 65301: Class references "New" method gets the wrong visibility if an abstract type descends from another
  • 65300: Force load of Cirrus references happens too late, causing "cannot assign to IBaseAspect" errors
  • 65299: "unit or protected" overriding problems on Java
  • 65291: PEVerify error on array declaration
  • 65279: Sugar: Mapped constructor doesn't get called under certain conditions
  • 65271: Mismatch between access modifiers and partial classes
  • 65261: Regression with the Windows Form Designer
  • 65245: Remove Demo Code from Oxygene Android App Template
  • 65118: Refactor: Rename a member that has a reserved name
  • 65109: Oxidizer paste C# as Oxygene fails on conditional
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