alt CodeTyphon.

Multiplate-forme de développement natif, multi OS, multi CPU, Cross compilation.


Change log:

======> 15-Jan-2014 ver 4.70  ===========================================
-Cosmetic: Add support to KDE Desktop on FreeBSD 32 and 64 bits.
-NOTE-1:RECONSTRUCT pl_Win_DirectX and pl_Win_DirectX11 pkgs 
solve the problems on Windows 64bits. 
Libraries like pl_ORCA 3D, pl_Win_DirectXUT, pl_AsphyreSphinx, etc, 
working OK on Win 64 now.
-NOTE-2:RECONSTRUCT pl_AsphyreSphinx pkg 
add support for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc
also add OpenGL ES and Software Drivers. 
-NOTE-3:RECONSTRUCT pl_VampyreImaging pkg
solver Typhon IDE registration Problems, 
also register Vampyre Imaging interfaces for: DirectX, OpenGL and Graphic32. 
-NOTE-4:For better management  we RENAME some Libraries: 
RENAME pl_titanscriptcomp.lpk   to  pl_titanscript.lpk
RENAME pl_zeosdbocomp.lpk       to  pl_zeosdbo.lpk
RENAME pl_visualplanitcomp.lpk  to  pl_visualplanit.lpk
RENAME pl_geogiscomp.lpk        to  pl_geogis.lpk
RENAME pl_freefpidercomp.lpk    to  pl_freefpider.lpk
RENAME pl_indycomp.lpk          to  pl_indy.lpk
RENAME pl_lnetcomp.lpk          to  pl_lnet.lpk
RENAME pl_dcpcomp.lpk           to  pl_dcp.lpk
RENAME pl_uibcomp.lpk           to  pl_uib.lpk
RENAME pl_pasdocpkg.lpk         to  pl_pasdoc.lpk
RENAME pl_synapsepkg.lpk        to  pl_synapse.lpk
RENAME pl_synapsepkgvs.lpk      to  pl_synapsevs.lpk
RENAME pl_shapespak.lpk         to  pl_shapes.lpk
RENAME lazreportpdfexport.lpk   to  lr_pdfexport.lpk
RENAME lrcairoexport.lpk        to  lr_cairoexport.lpk
RENAME lr_extexp.lpk            to  lr_imgexport.lpk
-NOTE-5:PLIT    pl_ORCA.lpk            to  pl_ORCA.lpk and pl_ORCA3D.lpk
-Rollback GDB for Win32 to Version 7.5.50 SVN 23-10-2012
-Rollback GDB for Win64 to Version 7.5.50 SVN 23-10-2012 
-Update GNU Binutils to version 2.24.0 released on 02-12-2013 (for all host OSes) 
-ADD  pl_OXml              to Typhon IDE Components System (for all OSes)
-ADD  pl_FontEngine        to Typhon IDE Components System (for all OSes)
-ADD  pl_ExDatabase        to Typhon IDE Components System (for all OSes)
-ADD  pl_Win_OleDB         to Typhon IDE Components System (for win32 and win64)
-Update pl_RX               Source (27-11-2013 SVN Rev 2854 )
-Update pl_FPSpreadsheet    Source (27-11-2013 SVN Rev 2854 )
-Update pl_JujiboUtils      Source (27-11-2013 SVN Rev 2854 )
-Update pl_Castle           Source (29-11-2013 SVN Rev 13420) and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_Indy             Source (29-11-2013 SVN Rev 5072 )
-Update pl_Graphics32       Source (10-12-2013 SVN Rev 2159 )
-Update pl_DWScript         Source (10-12-2013 SVN Rev 2353 )
-Update pl_FPSpreadsheet    Source (14-12-2013 SVN Rev 2861 )
-Update pl_ZeosDBO          Source (19-12-2013 SVN Rev 3025 ver 7.1.2)
-Update pl_Box2D            Source (23-12-2013 SVN Rev 55   )
-Update pl_VampyreImaging   Source (24-12-2013 HG  Rev 211  ) and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_ZMSQL           Ver 0.1.14   and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_AsphyreSphinx   ver 4.0.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_ORCA            ver 4.0.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_ORCA3D          ver 4.0.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_Win_DirectX     ver 3.0.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_Win_DirectXUT   ver 3.0.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_Win_DirectX11   ver 3.0.1    
-Update pl_AGGPas          ver 2.5.4    
-Update pl_AGGPasVS        ver 2.7.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_GaiaGIS         ver 1.2.0
-Update pl_Graphics32EXT   ver 3.0.1
-Update pl_Graphics32VPR   ver 3.0.1
-Update pl_ExDesign        Ver 3.0.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_ExControls      ver 3.0.1    and CodeOcean Samples
-Update pl_ExSystem        ver 3.0.1    
-Update pl_ExText          ver 3.0.1
-Update pl_ExtentIDE       ver 1.5.0
-Update pl_Astronomy       ver 2.1.0
-Update pl_Orpheus         ver 2.1.0
-Update pl_Shapes          ver 2.1.0
-Update pl_SynapseVS       ver 1.5.0  
Typhon IDE  4.7.0   Synchronize with Lazarus Source 14-1-2014 SVN Rev 43727
FreePascal  2.7.1   Source 14-1-2014 SVN Rev 26466
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